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Jan 12, 2011

Doritos Commercial

Doritos and Pepsi Max have a commercial contest for their 2011 super bowl campaign. By the time we know of it, we had a week and half to put together a commercial highlighting their product(s). We were able to create a script, storyboard ready to roll within a couple days, with our friend Mike Mehrle behind the concept. It took us five hours to shoot and a day and half to edit. The majority of the commercial was edited while we were flying to a commercial shoot at Tampa, and Fayetteville Arkansas. Here's the commercial.

Click here to watch in HD

Sep 9, 2010

Dec 21, 2009

Crown Cars Dealer "The Better Way"

We were hired by Moore and Scarry Advertising firm out of Fort Myers Florida to videotape their Crown Dealer client. The name of this campaign is “A Better Way." Instead of the typical car commercials with a price caption on it, this project is more of a laid back signature commercial branding this group of dealers.

We travelled down to St. Petersburg and Fort Myer Florida to film this commercial and also in Dublin, Ohio.

The rain scene with the couple and umbrella was actually an overcast day. We had to create rain using garden hose. We also added more rain and even clouds to the sky with After Effects to give it more of a dramatic appearance. All in all, we had a blast filming this commercial!

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